What type of makeup do you use? I believe in using the highest quality makeup possible. That is why I mostly use MAC products. However, I do use some other high-end products such as NARS, Benefit and Graftobian.

Do I need to bring my own mascara? No. I make sure that all mascara wands are one-time-use. If you feel more comfortable bringing your own mascara to use, that is fine.

Do you have foundation that matches my skin tone, or should I bring my own? Yes! I have shades for every skin tone. I use a high quality product that looks flawless in the flesh, on screen and on camera. It is also hypoallergenic. While I prefer using this foundation, if you are more comfortable using your own, that is fine.

How much do you charge? That depends on the type of makeup application you are looking for. Please email me with more details.

Do you travel outside of Calgary? Yes. However, travel outside of the Calgary area may require additional fees. Please inquire.

Where did you go to makeup school? While I cannot say that I solely learned makeup at a school, I believe that great makeup application techniques stem from trial and error. I have been lucky enough to work for great, creative makeup companies and have had some amazing makeup mentors to challenge my skill along the way.

Do you supply false lashes? Yes. False lashes are complimentary in my makeup application services.

Do you clean your products before and after each use? Yes! I follow all necessary sanitation procedures before applying makeup to the face. This includes the sanitation of hands, brushes, products and any other equipment if necessary. This is done before application on each person.

Do you have an Instagram page where I can see more of your work? Yes. Please check out @Nicoledoesmakeup

Are you able to bring more than one makeup artist to my event? Possibly. While I do have assistants who come to help me at larger events, I cannot guarantee their availability. Please let me know at least one month in advance if you think more than one makeup artist is necessary. I may also bring an assistant with me. There is no charge for an assistant or additional makeup artist.

Can I book a trial with you? Yes! I highly recommend a trial for important events, especially weddings. There is a couple ways we can arrange this. Please inquire.

Are you a hairstylist as well? No. I do work with many great hairstylists. If you need one, please let me know and I will forward you my contact.

Do you use airbrush makeup? No. Airbrush is a great technique to achieve natural looking foundation. However, the coverage of airbrush makeup is sheer. For weddings and other special occasions where photos will be taken, cream or liquid foundation applied with the proper techniques will create a coverage that not only looks great in person but will be flawless on camera.

Do you do makeup for print/TV/film. Etc? Yes! For further details, please inquire.

Do you do Halloween makeup? Yes! I can make you look like the scary (or sexy!) creature of your Halloween nightmares! If you are looking for extreme Special FX makeup, I have a contact you can reach. Please inquire.

Will you do time-for-print (TFP) work? Possibly. Email me your idea/vision and we will discuss..